If anyone can throw on multiple hats at once and get things done, it’s Elise Niu – BossMāmā, gym owner and health and wellness entrepreneur. Not only is she a wifey, mama of four, personal trainer and motivational speaker, but a massive believer in the power of positivity. And nothing lights this lady up more than spreading her infectious vibe far and wide!   


From the moment Elise Niu watched her mum sweat through an aerobics class as a four-year-old, the Functional HIIT NZ founder 
was mesmerised by fitness. She saw how happy exercise made 
people and the way their bodies moved with strength and stamina. By the time she reached primary school, Elise was already fitness and sports mad. 


It was during her highschool years playing representative touch that the natural athlete spotted a spunky guy named Ray at a New Zealand under 21 touch camp during 2001. They fell in love, eventually moved to Sydney, Australia, and married in 2009.  


Between qualifying as a Personal Trainer and focusing on functional fitness and strength training, Elise welcomed the couple’s four beautiful children Cavalli, 12, Koda, 9, Raven, 6, and Quincy, 3.  


But as life goes, personal challenges arose for the head-over-heels parents and they found themselves relocating back to New Zealand in 2016, where Elise chose to rebuild her family with the thing she values most in life – love.  


Thanks to the healing power of time, faith and perseverance, Elise emerged from the challenge stronger than ever and took the leap to pursue her business dream. Hoping to bring a dynamic movement culture to Kapiti, Elise launched her award-winning group fitness hub Functional HITT NZ.  


Just a year later, Elise was staring alongside seven other top Kiwi personal trainers on Maori Television’s School of Training, hosted by former professional rugby player and Game of Thrones actor Joe Naufahu. She made a mark on-screen with her high-energy and down-to-earth persona, which only exemplified her dive into the rapidly expanding fitness market.   


While Functional HITT grew, Elise went on to introduce an E-Fit 8 Week Challenge and personalised food plans and HIIT workouts. In 2018, the devoted mama and businesswoman was named winner of the 2018 Customer Service Electra Business Award. 


Now, Elise has gone on to release the Lychee and Co Maternity Activewear line and is the mastermind behind her new on-trend Elise Niu Fitness App.  As Elise’s influence continues to expand, so does her traction on social media and her story has been picked up by leading New Zealand print publications.  


With thousands of people already benefiting from her services, Elise strongly believes in staying up to date in an ever-evolving industry, working alongside her team of talented Nutrition and Fitness experts to continually stay that step ahead.


At heart - and above all else - Elise still sees herself as the girl who created a business from her mother’s basement. Now more than ever, she’s excited to watch as her efforts and determination pave the way for future aspiring BossMāmās. 


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