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Kia Ora! I am Elise, founder of Elise Niu Wellness, here's a little bit about me & how I became a Personal Trainer, Gym Owner  Motivational Speaker & Fitness Entrepreneur.

I have always been sporty, & grew up playing representative sports in Tennis, Touch Football, Athletics & Netball. 

I remember as young as 9 years of age I had a passion for exercise, movement & training and I would quite often create opportunities to exercise. 

I had my very first gym membership at the age of 14 given to me by my Mum as a Christmas present & have been doing resistance training ever since, this was the beginning of my love for weight training and the feeling of being fit & strong.

At the age of 18 in my last year of college I asked the gym owner of the facility where I was training at if I could do work experience for the day, from there I was able to see the operation of a gym facility & how the Personal Trainers worked. Following that work experience the owners gave me a weekly job of cleaning the showers & toilets & minding the reception at the early hours of the morning before getting ready to go to school which shaped an insight for me into the industry.
Straight out of High School I studied Sport Development while working at a Women's Boutique Gym as a Coach. I then moved to Australia  where my husband & I got married & had our first son Cavalli. I enrolled at The Fitness Institute of Australia where I gained my Cert 3 & 4 in Personal Training. Sometime after with a relocation back to New Zealand & the birth of our second son Koda I then took up more study & gained a Diploma in Health Promotion, Sport & Exercise Science renewing a deeper knowledge & passion for the Fitness industry. Since then I have worked at various gyms across Australia & New Zealand as a Personal Trainer, I have squeezed in 3 more children having our 3rd son Raven, finally our girl Quincy & then lastly our son Hapaikirunga. While raising my family I have managed to own & run a successful gym & launch my online business.


Being a Mother of 5 I know too well the feeling of pain when having to start all over again, trying to make time to workout, get fit & strong, eat healthy  & lose the extra Kgs after each child . I also know the importance of taking care of my mind & body for my mental health. Many women lose sight of themselves while raising a family & that is why I am so passionate to help women get fit, strong and confident to lift weights, & feel healthier & happier.

I'm here to take the guess work out for you & give you the structure & method to do all that and more.

So if you are ready to transform your life, I would love to give you the tools to do just that.


Join my  ENW Online Training Program with other amazing women & lets make it happen


Your Coach E xxx  


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