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Thanks for checking out my website. I am Elise Niu - wifey, mama, personal trainer, health & wellness entrepreneur and speaker.

I live on the Kapiti Coast with my spunky husband Ray and our four beautiful children, Cavalli 11, Koda 8, Raven 5 and Quincy 2.

I am on FIRE about health and fitness and more importantly I want to help YOU ignite your flame to become happier and healthier. I believe in the power of positivity - and know you can make epic changes with a more positive mindset.

HIIT is more than High Intensity Interval Training. It’s about empowering you to take charge! I’m here to help you create new habits that will help foster stronger relationships, be productive and bring more happiness into your life!  I want to celebrate your successes and support you to pursue your dreams, because I know exactly what it’s like to try and keep sight of a dream while raising a family.

My passion for fitness began as a little girl, watching my mum train her butt off in her aerobics class in the 80’s. My four-year -old brain quickly recognised that exercise makes you feel good, your body stronger and makes you smile. In that single moment my love for fitness began.

I absolutely LOVE sport – hockey, swimming, triathlons, athletics, rugby, basketball, you name it I played it. Sport provides for me a strong sense of belonging and community.  

I have played rep tennis and netball and was selected for the NZ Under 21 mixed Touch Team in 2001.  In 2005, I experienced the ultimate high of winning a World Cup alongside my teammates of the NZ Youth Mixed Touch Team - the best sports team in the world (in my opinion) not because we won a world title, but because we were a bunch of young males and females that came together in solid unity and  that had the up most respect and love for one another & got the job done well, a team who I will forever treasure our memories and close friendships.

After leaving National representative sport nine years ago I turned my focus to functional fitness & strength training. Living in Sydney I was a Personal Trainer at Crunch Fitness, while growing my young family. Now as well as growing Functional HIIT I am studying nutrition, to further my knowledge and experience to help MORE people.

In 2016 my family and I relocated back to New Zealand, and I have been working like a ‘bossmama’  to build a culture like no other with my Functional HIITERS.  We are on a mission to make Aotearoa the most happiest, active place on the planet!  

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