So you're going to be on a reality TV show

Say what?

that was the exact response I had when a random message popped up into my facebook messenger about 9.30pm on a Wednesday March evening while having a skype session with my business coach Annie Romano’s of WholeHearted Work. We had just finished discussing getting out of my comfort zone, what would that look like? What would that entail?  Within moments before that conversation ending my facebook messenger popped up on my computer and before I knew it there waiting for me was an opportunity to do just that, to participate in a new reality TV show about FITNESS, the message explained that there are challenges involved and each week someone is elemenated from the show!  WTF? What a creepy coincidence. Do I believe in coincidence? No, no I don't.

The message came from Nicole Horan herself, who’s Nicole Horan you ask? Well I didn’t know who she was at first, I thought I was being stitched up or getting punked, so I went on a mission to find whatever information I could find. Firstly did we have mutual friends on facey? Yes, ok good, this is looking promising, we had 1 mutual friend and she happens to be my best friend, this is starting to look legit. Next I went to Detective Google and typed in Nicole Horan and stop the clock, the first thing to appear was an article heading “The Bachelor” “Meet Nicole Horan, the women behind the show”, Nicole Horan is real ladies and gentlemen a real TV show producer, this was no joke, no stitch up, and no, to my disappointment Ashton Kutcher was not going to jump out from my wardrobe and punk me,

 The excitement of flying to Auckland every weekend to do a show about something I am extremely passionate about got me fired up, I love fitness and health, its my passion and why I choose to live, breathe and walk & talk it daily, not only that I’m the most competitive person I know, take me up on a challenge any day! was this show made for me? Yes!.  I didn’t think of the “logistics” or how I was going to manage it all. I have 4 children, my youngest was 8 months old at the time and still breastfeeding, my fitness business Functional HIIT NZ was super busy and at that time my family of 6 lived with my parents while we saved, and payed off bills as a year prior to this my family left Sydney, Australia to help my husband Ray with his addiction to P. The reality was, in those first few minutes of receiving this opportunity none of the above factors felt like they could stop me from following through with such an exciting venture, and so my excitement amplified.



Hesitation, that’s what happened. When you allow other opinions to start doubting opportunities fantastic opportunities that come your way turning your initial excitement into fear its hard to make your way back out and only the strong will survive such a tragedy. Can you imagine how many opportunities that have been missed due to listening to the opinions of others? Who’s going to have the kids? What about Ray, he won’t be able to work weekends?  What about Quincy how will she feed? Is it worth it? Reality TV shows are rubbish, Reality TV shows will make you look how they want to make you look, you will be played out as the B****, Is this part of your goals? What about Ray? Is this in your plan? I don’t like reality TV shows they get too personal. This is what I call a "FEAR LIST". A fear list is a list of fears others or yourself create in order to stop you from undergoing EPIC shit, they are completely and utterly a very big pain in the ass but very much needed, because like EVERYTHING, you cant have good without the bad, you cant have success without failure, pleasure without pain, triumph without defeat & you sure as hell cant get out of your comfort zone without others making it uncomfortable! 

The worst thing that could happen happened, the hesitation began, the guilt of leaving the kids, the thought of the catch-up work I’d have to do for my business, my baby girl and how she would take to a bottle, my boobs, the guilt of leaving Ray on Daddy duties for the weekends! and stop the damn clock again, In that moment I realized I had let the fear of others dominate my thinking of excitement, opportunity and possibilities and created my own damn fear list. F&%K



Too right, a few words from my husband’s mouth “Just do it, I support you, the kids will be fine”

Maaaaate!! What a guy, this adds to the 100th millionth reason as to why I love him.

I had 2 choices, step out of my comfort zone, take up this opportunity and walk into possibility or stay home. I looked at the fear list and saw it as an opportunity to experience courage. Richard Bransons famous quote “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later”.

I ignored the fears, actually no, I embraced the fear knowing that it gave me the potential to step into great courage, this was EXACLTY what I needed, and with that said I committed to the show. I was flying to Auckland every weekend for as long as I stayed in the show and didn’t get eliminated for a maximum of 5 weekends. 5 weekends!!! Shit I can do that!! The logistics, were easy, fly out Saturday mornings, fly home to Kapiti Monday mornings, Ray had the kids sorted Saturday and Sunday and a close friend of ours had them Monday morning until I flew home. Business took care of itself, I got my Saturday 7am session covered. My daughter used the bottle on the weekends and I expressed my boobs when I could between filming. I'm killing it, I'm all over it, I'm owning that #bossmama doing it all, I got it covered vibe :)



We are 1 decision away from living our dreams, Just 1.

We are 1 decision away from having great relationships, opportunities and experiences.

If I had chosen to listen to the fear and stay home, sure life would have been less crazy for the 4 weekends out of the 5 that I was away but on the flip side I wouldn’t have met the most amazing people who I now call friends, I wouldn’t have had the opportunities that I have been blessed with since after the show, I wouldn’t have come home with new knowledge, I wouldn’t have revealed the unknown potential of mental and physical strength that I possess without going through the shows challenges, and I wouldn’t be here writing this. The pros outweighed the fear by far and in most cases in life it usually does.

We all have fears, but we also have FAITH, the difference is I questioned which emotion I would allow to be stronger, I chose FAITH which lead me to follow my excitement despite the fear and fearful opinions of others. It didn’t matter what others thought, felt or said, it mattered only that I believed I could do this, and I knew I could.

Did you know we have the same physiological response when we feel FEAR and EXCITEMENT, the very same physical changes happen to us, isn’t that crazy??  when you are next fearful of a opportunity do a double check and go within because it could possibly be EXCITEMENT that you are actually experiencing.

"Let excitement be your compass, it will lead you to your journey of purpose".



I made it to the final 4 and was eliminated in episode 8 of 10 by the super fit and strong Donnyell Kiddie who won the competition in the end. Leaving the show being so close to the final week was heart wrenching, I went there to win. It was very hard saying goodbye, yet I knew that I didn’t walk away from the show empty handed, I gained a insight into who I am when I’m not in the comfort of familiar, I learned new skills, made new friends and the most important thing, my self-belief went to new levels, I know I can do ANYTHING despite what my busy life, commitments and responsibilities will tell you, in fact having a chaotic, turbulent, disarranged, miscalculated and sometimes (most times) messy life gives more reason as to why I know I can do ANYTHING.


Final words from a #bossmama

Experience the beauty of what comes when being out of the comfort zone and being stretched to the point of capacity. Don’t listen to other peoples fears, in fact do listen and then use that as your fuel to do EPIC stuff in your life. Always follow your excitement because when you do


xxx E



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