Over the last 3 ½ months I've lost a total of 30.5 cm, and a total of 10.1 kg.  I can now chase my toddler, and my little crawler, around without wanting to sit down after a few minutes.

At the end of 2016 I knew i had to make a health change.  

As a single mum of two young boys  aged two and 10 months old, I struggled to keep up with my toddlers' daily activities, and I hibernated at home over the winter.

With a new baby the kgs kept coming, but then came along Beginner Bootcamp Round One, which I joined without hesitation.  I was new to the “fitness scene” and I had no idea what to do, or how to do it.

E and Emma took me under their wing without judgement and began guiding me through my fitness journey.  I took before photos and measurements at the start of my journey.

I also started doing HIIT classes in the mornings three days a week (it's a bonus that you can take kids), and it became my weekly addiction. I would wake up excited to get my butt kicked by E at 9.45 am. E and Emma have kept me on track, supported and encouraged me when I needed it.

I can not thank E and Emma enough for giving my life back to me and my boys. I am looking forward to the many more years with Functional HIIT.


Helen completed Beginner's Bootcamp for Round One and Two in early 2017.

She followed a nutrition plan designed by Elise and has shed 10kg!


I joined HIIT in January after having Emma as a personal trainer for a couple of months.

With Emma I lost 5 kg's, 5 cms around my stomach, and 3 cms from my chest - Emma pushed me to my limits and suggested for me to join functional HIIT with Elise!

I was so nervous to join because I wasn't too sure what to expect, and I didn't know what I was doing.  However walking through the door into the class I was welcomed from day one with open supportive arms!

HIIT has definitely pushed me to my limits! No sessions are ever the same and I am consistently trying to be the best I can be.

Even though I have only been with HIIT for a few months I can see so many changes with my body and the way I feel about myself. I look forward to the classes and what they have in store.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds!


Elise and Emma are dedicated, enthusiastic and encouraging instructors and always puts their clients' safety first.

I wanted to have a sustainable approach to fitness so I attended HIIT classes for the first time in March this year and absolutely loved it.

The classes are always challenging but loads of fun.  HIIT has helped me achieve overall health and fitness keeping me motivated, inspired and going back for more.

HIIT is the new weapon for torching body fat and overall body toning.  My cardio endurance has improved significantly and my energy levels are at an all time high.

My reflection  in the mirror now looks back at me, smiles, and says not bad for an old gal....


Functional HIIT NZ is on another level!

I thought I was quite fit until I was pushed to my limits with Elise.

She not only helped me to see how beneficial this type of training is, I learnt how to use all of my muscles in an effective efficient way.

It's designed for all levels of fitness and all shapes and sizes.  I  feel so amazing!!! It's not just a class for me - it's an epic HIIT of endorphins and a new way of life. I'll never look back!!


A little over six weeks ago, I began my journey to a new me.  

I saw a link pop up on Facebook to join Emma and Elise 'Beginner Bootcamp' and jokingly said to my husband "I should do this' - I never thought I could do it, let alone achieve what I wanted to due to my lack of fitness.  Those that know me know I am not a person who adapts well to a lot of change, and I like things to be the same. I even surprised myself when I booked and paid, and thought there is no turning back now.  It was definitely the push I needed.

I attended my first Saturday session with a lot of mixed feelings; I was apprehensive, scared, worried and very reserved as it was all new for me. 

Within minutes of the first session and properly meeting Miss 'E' and Miss "Em' ,and the rest of my fellow boot campers, I felt at ease - they had such a warm and welcoming approach where you are never made to feel bad about yourself, and the exercises while they challenge you are very well explained and demonstrated.

Moving through thesix week course every session was different - ranging from hill climbing to boxing to burpees to gorilla crawls, most of which I was a complete novice at.  

I've never been the type of person to set the place alight with speed and power, and generally I was the last to finish each exercise, but I was always encouraged by my fellow bootcampers and of course my trainers to complete the exercises.  

To sum up my journey, I have challenged myself physically and mentally.  I have surprised myself with how far I have come.  If I reflect back I've changed from someone who did little to no exercise, to now being able to run around blocks and up hills.  I've gone from someone who could not lift weights, or struggled to even do a burpee or gorilla crawl, to now someone who thinks 'Hell yeah I can'.

I cannot recommend this enough.  Take it from me, 'If i can do it, you can too'.  


Since joining HIIT, it has not only changed me physically but mentally as well.

I used to think working out was all to losing weight but now my mindset is to feel fitter and heather, Elise has been such an inspiration - she not only pushes you to reach your goals but also supports you while doing so.

Now fitness isn't a chore it's a pleasure.  


I have been going to FUNCTIONAL HIIT for nearly a whole year now and have never stopped loving it. Elise Pushes me to my limit and encourages me to reach my goals and to keep going. My progress has been amazing.  I have gotten fitter, faster and stronger!. 

The people are so nice and I personally think it is awesome that there is a mix of men and women that go and it is for all age groups.

Since I have been going to HIIT I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels especially at school and in the gym.  I would totally recommend Functional HIIT  because it has had a major impact on my life and my friends lives too.


When my daughter suggested I join her at a HIIT class I had a laugh because I thought there's no way I could do that. I have a couple of old sports injuries that I was worried about aggravating, but she convinced me to give it a go and I haven't looked back!

Elise always has an alternative if I can't do a particular exercise and I have found that I am getting so much stronger. HIIT classes have taken me to a new level fitness wise and I don't think I've ever felt better! 

Elise has the most amazing way of making me feel like I want  to better myself and I just love her positivity. Along with some personal training with Emma this has been the best thing for me and I would recommend functional HIIT as an absolute must to anybody wanting a new level of overall fitness.


I've been with Functional HIIT for a short but fun three weeks. The minute I met Elise she was amazing, and we instantly vibed, talked goals and the future. I've never met anyone so driven, passionate and helpful. This lady is seriously wonder woman.

The HIIT family is full of amazing people who have been so kind, friendly and welcoming, I turn up to each session so excited. It's such a humble environment and so amazingly child-friendly.

I love that I can take my boy and everyone is so understanding of his presence there. This group is one of a kind. I'm so excited about my future with Functional HIIT, and the change it's going to have on my life and body.


For me, HIIT really brought back a love of fitness and being active.

I was hesitant to come to HIIT as I didn't want to be embarrassed because I was unfit and that I wouldn't be able to keep up. However, Elise and all of the other people taking part are so encouraging, and I have always leave feeling like I have achieved something!

Elise changes up the classes every week, but always has alternatives if you can't do a certain exercise. I am absolutely loving HIIT and can't wait to see what else Elise in store for us. 


I had specific goals when I joined boot camp, but weight loss wasn't my main concern,my  fitness goals were.

I have got my run time down by a minute, increased my press ups by 6 and have lost 3cms on my hips.


I wanted to work on my fitness, strength and speed to reach my goals for my upcoming netball and touch season. It was hard to stay motivated training on my own, Elise sorted me a program and invited me to join her HIIT classes. That was in October 2016 and I haven't looked back since.

I love all the classes. I have achieved all my goals for 2017 and made all 3 rep teams I trialed for, as well as my college netball team, and I believe it has been because of all the training I have done with Elise and HIIT.

Elise pushes you hard, there are no free rides, she encourages me to do more, be more and believes I can do it. I am stronger physically and mentally. I love training with all the team and am not shy or uncomfortable around them. They all encourage and cheer each other on.

Elise was only meant to design me a program, but instead has sponsored and worked alongside me for months.I have loved every minute of it and invited my best friend to come along too.  We are both so inspired by E and her HIIT classes.

Elise has inspired me to get into sports physiotherapy and personal training.